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Wilson Family Basenjis
"Our Little African Gems"

Raised On Love With The Family in Mind

We believe in raising quality dogs that families can trust and that children will enjoy and be life long companions. Our Basenjis have been around our grandkids and have been "wallerd" and played with. They are part of our family and get treated like our children since all of ours are now grown and on their own. 

Our Basenjis have large yards to run in and can go in and out as they please. They are not raised in small kennels allowing them to get plenty of exercise to grow and be healthy. They get vitamin supplements, eggs (home raised) and natural bones, as well as, plenty of toys. I also, dehydrate and make many of their treats. 

Feel free to email, text or call us to ask any questions about our dogs or puppies. We love to talk about them as much as most people talk about their children. 

Why did I choose a Basenji?

I fell in love at first sight

It all started when I was 11 years old and watched a cartoon, an ABC  "After School Special" back in 1979 to be exact- "Weep No More My Lady".  It was about a cute little mischievous curly-tailed barkless dog. After seeing it I told my mother I wanted a dog like that. Of course she had never heard of one and thought that it was made up from the movie and didn't exist. BUT then not too long after I saw the 1956 Film it was based on "Good-Bye My Lady" and was convinced I would someday have a Basenji. 

So over the years I had went to the library and of course read the book the movie was based on and read what I could find about the breed.   

One day my Step-father, who refinished furniture for people as a hobby, asked me to help deliver a finished piece to a customer and I met my first Basenji !! Up close and personal!! From that point forward there was no doubt I would one day have a Basenji! 

So some years past and I was about ready to graduate from my pre-veterinary studies and for my college graduation my Mother and Fiance' got me my first Basenji. A beautiful little red and white female. "Whitney My African Gem"  A dream come true!  About a year later I received my first male "Pakiba"  from a couple who had been in the armed service and had brought him over from Germany (he was bred in Holland by Erna de Reus) . They were being sent back over seas and did not want to have Pakiba go through quarantine again. Through word of mouth they heard that I had a female so I knew about the breed and hence my long companionship with Basenjis began.

Do you want a Basenji?
What you should consider

Although I have deep affection and love for my Basenjis, let me express that they are not for everyone. 

Just like any breed they have their good and bad qualities. 

Basenjis are thinkers and will try to outsmart you and many times succeed.

They will make you furious and then turn around and have you laughing and smiling and then you won't remember why you were mad. 

Please, read my "About Basenjis" section for details.



Denise Wilson

3465 Budd Rd New Albany, IN 47150   United States 

Home: (812) 944-8977     Cell (502) 415-2603    Fax 812-944-1300

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